Preventing Crime Against Seniors

Two decades ago, Triad was put into law in an effort to help protect seniors from crime. Unfortunately, those who are more vulnerable in society – one such demographic being seniors – often get taken advantage of so 20 years ago, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department, in conjunction with municipal law enforcement agencies and senior citizens set up Triad.

The way it works is through meetings. Each month, Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT) Councils meet up to try to educate seniors on the most effective measures they can take to protect themselves from criminal threats and scams. Last month, a large group of these met up at the First Southern Baptist Church to mark the importance of this initiative that has now been aiding seniors for 20 years.

The venture has been lauded by many in various related-professional fields. One example is Police Community Relations Officer at Edmond, Randy Payne who said: “I think it’s a wonderful program to help senior citizens stay informed on personal safety, frauds and scams. We all at some point are vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Getting involved with Triad will help reduce these unfortunate situations.”

It’s also a great way for seniors to feel active, involved, part of the community and get a sense that they are making a difference by their contribution. It gives them knowledge which equals power, especially at the meetings when the seniors are briefed by a law enforcement officer. Unfortunately, there are always new scams being perpetrated; with these meetings they can be prevented as seniors will know what to look out for.