Stay Healthy Longer While Aging with Grace

The news is good for people getting on in years. Over the past few decades’ lifespans have been lengthening, and the time spent healthily enjoying those extra years has also been growing. Today many people do not get ill until the very end of their lives. Here are some tips on how to live longer andstay healthy longer, too.

1. Keep awake, even after lunch! It is a challenge for many people to avoid napping as the day progresses. After lunch is especially challenging to fight the fatigue that comes with a body digesting its food. Don’t succumb! Grab a cup of water and a grapefruit and get a revitalized body and mind.

2. Keep thinking. Use your memory to delay or prevent its loss. Brain activity also helps improve executive function. Play word games, and perform memory exercises. Here’s an easy one to play: While on a walk point out five things that are red. Then when you get back home, try and remember what those items were.

3. Exchange your walker or cane for poles. Walking poles allow for more balanced mobility, engages the muscles in the upper body, which in turn strengthens the upper body and cardiovascular system. Consult with your doctor before making the switch.

4. Don’t eat alone: Data shows that people that eat together eat less than those eating alone. Also, eating together has the obvious benefit of social interaction and social engagement.

5. Break out of monotonous eating habits. Routine puts a damper on brain stimulation, while trying or eating new foods helps stimulate your brain. You can also try eating the same foods in different ways. For instance, substitute canned peaches for fresh, or white bread for whole wheat. Variety is the spice of life, and it can add years to yours.