Positive Aspects of Aging

We always hear about all the bad things associated with aging: lack of socialization, isolation, health concerns, financial issues, etc. But what about the good parts? There have to be some redeeming features. In this article we take a look at those.

First, there are often grandchildren. As the adage goes: “grandchildren are God’s reward for not killing your children.” In addition: “Grandchildren fill a space in your heart that you never knew was empty.” Apart from it being a lot of fun, Professor of Gerontology in Medicine, Dr. Karl Pillemer posits that for both the young and older generation, developing and maintaining a relationship inter-generationally is important. He pointed out that: “research shows children need four to six involved, caring adults in their lives to fully develop emotionally and socially [and that] the grandparent/grandchild relationship is second in emotional importance only to the parent/child relationship.”

Another positive aspect of aging is the additional time and resources one often has. Retirement can lead to boredom and listlessness but it doesn’t have to. Especially for those living close to relatives, use that time to make more of an effort. Pick up grandkids (or great nieces/nephews) from pre-school and take them – one at a time – for an ice-cream. This is so good for the little ones (especially for those in big families) as they get to feel completely special for a short period of time, away from siblings and parents, out of the family dynamic. It can also really help their parents.

With the additional saved money the seniors have they can also finally pursue their dreams. Start writing poetry; learn how to play a game with your friends online; join a book club and so much more. This is really a time where – health permitting – you can, as George Elliot put it: “be what you might have become.” Don’t see the negatives of aging; simply enjoy the positives as best as possible.