Startups Marketing to the Aging Population

The world population of people over the age of 60 is heading for a high-water mark. Today there are 900 million people in the world over the age of 60, but by 2050, some are estimating, the number will climb to 2.1 billion.

With such a huge surge in the number of older citizens on the horizon, it is no surprise that companies are developing products to market to this large demographic.

The following five startups are working hard to make inroads into this market, discovering what this demographic’s needs and desires are.

  1. Honor: creating a platform which will connect seniors and their families with caregivers.
  2. SmartCare Consultants: developing ways to keep track of the whereabouts and health of seniors.
  3. Tinybots: these are small social robots which are designed to help the elderly cope with dementia.
  4. Stitch: a place to meet online to help the elderly find companionship.
  5. Easy to Connect: This company is developing easy-to-use smartphones, especially designed for the elderly.