Critical Senior Issues

Two years ago, a book was published on how to deal with the primary issues facing seniors. The National Care Planning Council (NCPC) printed this material in 2014 but the subjects covered at that time still remain as relevant today.

How to Deal with 21 Critical Issues Facing Aging Seniors brings to light the following primary concerns:

  1. Reduced Spending Power
  2. Evaluating Savings and Investments
  3. Converting Assets to Income
  4. Transferring Assets to the Next Generation
  5. Understanding Medicare
  6. Medicare Advantage and Supplement Plans
  7. Maintaining Good Personal Health
  8. Strategies for Successful Aging
  9. Living Arrangements for Aging Seniors
  10. Services for Aging Seniors
  11. Government and Community Aging Services
  12. Planning for Long Term Care
  13. Informal Family Caregivers
  14. The Family Care Plan and Caregiving Agreement
  15. Medicare Temporary Care Services
  16. Medicaid Long Term Care
  17. Benefits for Senior Veterans
  18. Long Term Care Insurance and Short Term Care Insurance
  19. Planning for Final Years – Legal Issues
  20. Planning for End-of-Life – Dying
  21. Planning for End-of-Life – Final Arrangements

The final years are in sight. Seniors are no longer on a journey looking for achievement, acquisition or the next step. They are not climbing to the next destination. It’s a different attitude and that has to be addressed. Also, it’s not like big decisions do not have to be made as they do, in particular the last three points on the list of 21.

Ultimately it should be noted that issues facing seniors are substantially different from those in other demographics and the more that they are addressed, the easier the process will be.