Planning a Successful Retirement

In the midst of careers and raising children many people don’t stop to think about what will happen what that lifestyle is behind them. If they do consider it, they either look forward to having a rest from the hectic life of employment and families, or dread retirement as boring and unfulfilling.

Here are some tips to stay on the right side of retirement so the rest of your life is as wonderful as the past was.

  1. Remember that retirement is not only about money. Yes, we should all be taking advice of financial planners who want us to think about retirement decades before the day arrives, but it is beneficial to also think about how you would like to spend your time and your money. What do you want your days not working to look like and feel like?
  2. Consider your options: What makes you happy? Want to go climb a mountain? Learn to paint? Go dog-sledding? Write a novel? Find a part-time job? This is not a bucket list, just a way to think about what you want from your new lifestyle.
  3. Make sure you have a reason to wake-up in the morning. This usually involves activities that add joy and structure to your days.
  4. Keep your mind and all its marbles. If you don’t use it, you could lose it, so get to work on exercising your thinking side. Learn a new language, a musical instrument, or become a member of a book club. You can even try Lifelong Learning classes, or one of literally thousands of classes found on the internet.
  5. Remain healthy by choosing good eating habits, keeping fit with exercise, watching your weight, and seeing your doctor regularly for tips and prevention of disease advice.

The rest of your life can easily become the best of your life. Enjoy it!