Medications & Alcohol Don’t Mix

Getting older involves many changes to our lifestyles, health and bodies. Due to these changes, some subtle and some less so, we react differently to alcohol and medicines than we did when we were younger. Be aware that this includes the way different medications mix with each other, including herbal products and over the counter preparations. Take note that a substantial number of these medicines also do not go well with alcohol.

Keep in mind that the effect medications have is influenced by body weight and metabolism. A medicine that used to leave the body in a certain amount of time can take longer to be processed as we age. The liver and kidneys work slower as we get older, leaving more medicine behind to interact with alcohol, which can cause an unwanted, and sometimes dangerous mixture.

It is also a good idea to check your medicine cabinet for old and or expired medications and throw out those that are no longer within the date of recommended use. You should also have your doctor review all the medications you are taking at least once a year to assure that the medicines are still necessary, still in the right dosage, and don’t interact negatively with each other.