Elderly Health During the Summer

Certainly, as the summer months are very hot, it’s important to make sure that the elderly are taking care of themselves. Here are a few tips and pointers to keep in mind.


It is essential that older people stay hydrated. They aren’t always aware that they are thirsty and they may have a difficult time in the heat. They should drink water often.

Medications and the Doctor

Elderly people should speak with their doctors before the summer to make sure that none of their medications are affected by higher temperatures. If they don’t have air conditioning in the home, for instance, it can be very hot and some medications can be less effective if stored above certain temperatures.

Stay indoors

Enjoy shopping malls, movie theaters, libraries and other locations where air conditioning is a welcome reprieve and there is entertainment.


Don’t forgo exercise because of the heat but be sure to go walking in the old age home indoors or in a mall. Keep moving – just do it inside.

Dress Right

Make sure you’re wearing the right things for the weather. Cotton can be cooler than synthetic fibers and make sure your summer wardrobe has light colors and loose-fitting clothes.

These are just a few of the many suggestions that will help the elderly to stay healthy and safe during the summer months.