Begin Young to Age Well

Many experts believe that 40 is the age people should begin to really take their future health seriously. This milestone age is when many types of illnesses become more prevalent, and as we all know, “Prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Turning 40 is an opportunity to take a momentary break from raising children, working, growing a business, taking care of elderly parents, and assess your own well-being. As one expert said a 40-year-old should say to himself, “There are simply some things I must do to make sure I stay healthy.”  Here are a few of the many things you must do after making this important declaration:

  • Getting older should mean the time has come to really protect your vision. Many people who never wore glasses before, or only for driving, find that they can’t see things that are literally in front of their noses. Be sure to get a pair of reading glasses if you need them. Sometimes reading the fine print, especially on medicine, can be crucially important.
  • Always wear sunglasses when outside to help prevent cataracts and other vision problems.
  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, which some scientists say helps prevent vision loss. The number one cause of blindness in the elderly is macular degeneration. In the United States over 9.1 million people over age 40 have this condition. Although it is genetically related, proper nutrition can slow down vision loss from this illness.
  • Keep tabs on your cholesterol level. High cholesterol is associated with certain types of heart disease, so it is important to have this checked regularly. Follow your blood sugar level as well. High blood sugar, as well as increased body weight, can be a harbinger of diabetes, which is one of the leading debilitating diseases in the US today. Keeping your weight down and blood sugar levels normal can save you from this destructive disease.