Another Satisfied Rehab Customer at Dry Harbor

Here at Dry Harbor Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center take great pride in the quality services we provide to our charges.  When we successfully discharge another happy patient who has been rehabilitated, their families are often extremely grateful and write us followup letter that warm our hearts.  Below is one such letter that we received recently.

To the team at Dry Harbor Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center,

We are writing to commend you on your wonderful facility here in Queens and to thank your nurses, doctors, therapists, and staff for the treatment given to our father. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the love and impeccable care that our father was given over the past month while he was a resident at Dry Harbor. It was initially a difficult decision to place a loved one in a rehabilitation center. However, your countless hours of care and true concern for our father’s well-being made a huge difference in granting us peace of mind and the faith that our father would indeed be getting better soon.

Your employees are tremendous assets to your facility, and they each provide excellent service in their chosen careers. Some of the staff went above and beyond to make our father’s life as comfortable as possible. In our observation, though our father was not there long, the nurses, doctors, therapists, and staff that assisted us through the good and the bad in his rehabilitation were not in it for the money but rather because they really love what they do and how much they are able to help each and every patient.

We want to thank all of the following individuals and departments for their contributions to our father’s care: YP in admissions, the 3rd floor nursing staff (initials DL, AG, RP, MN, HC, KD, & LM among many others), physical therapist CM, the support team who worked very hard to look for a recliner for us, and the housekeepers who did good work to clean the floor every day.

We want to particularly thank BW for her kindness, thoughtful thinking, and warm heart. She worked hard and provided transportation for our family members, a huge convenience which made a world of difference.

We will be forever grateful to your facility and all of your employees who have stood by our side through this trying time in our life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!