Helping the Elderly with Technology

Often, the older one becomes, the harder it becomes to learn new things. As the old saying goes, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” These days, however, there are a whole slew of gadgets and gizmos that could really benefit the elderly. The problem is, they often do not have the inclination, cognitive capacity, desire, or proper training to be able to use them.

This is where loved ones step in. Family members – especially the youngest generation such as grandchildren – can play a huge part in this. Apart from this giving the elderly some much needed tools to enhance their lives, the bond it forms between grandparent and grandchild is incredibly valuable.

So here are some tips with assisting the elderly with new gadgets. First, be careful about making assumptions about what the elderly can and cannot achieve. Jack York, in an article published on Expert Beacon, entitled ‘Using modern technology can help elderly people with dementia,’ told this story:

“A gentleman far down the dementia path at a Brookdale senior living community in Arizona had never in his life been exposed to technology before. His family assumed he would not be up for it, but when he was exposed to a computer-based flight simulator he completely came to life; turns out he had been a fighter pilot in the Korean War! His life changed overnight with that device.”

Other advice he gives is to be careful with the wording you use: “Don’t just say ‘come use the computer’, but rather say, ‘Hey, come look at this sculpture in Rome.'” And try to find the specially-designed computers for the elderly.

There are so many ways in which computers and gadgets can benefit the elderly; the trick is making sure as someone they trust, you point them toward the right direction, and be wary of overwhelming them.