Adult Day Care for Seniors

So often, the elderly in our communities feel alone. Whether they live with families or by themselves, the feeling of isolation that comes with getting older is very common. As their peer group starts to get sick, or pass away, they find themselves socializing less and less.

One of the greatest comforts in life is being around other people, rather than sitting alone, staring at the same four walls, every single day. Simone Elkeles explained this so eloquently in ‘Rules of Attraction,’ “I wish I could help you” I whisper. “You are,” he murmurs against my knee. “Just don’t leave me, okay? Everyone leaves me.”

There are many solutions to make these issues better. One good option is an adult day care center geared toward this demographic. A lot of senior homes provide an option (aside from their long-term, in-house care) for people to come and engage in a wide variety of activities during the days while still going home at night. Some of these activities may be therapeutic, while some of them may just be for fun. Another idea is to see if there are volunteer programs in the area that enable younger people to come for a home visit.

No matter which option you choose, ensuring that seniors aren’t alone all the time can make a difference in their emotional wellbeing. And often times, their emotional wellbeing is closely connected to their physical wellbeing as well. These suggestions can make a big difference and have a lasting impact.