How to Choose the Right Nursing Home

It is axiomatic that no one can care for someone as well as a close relative or loved one. However, even the most loving son, daughter, husband, or wife cannot deliver the type of care a staff of professional health care providers can give. This is why it is crucial that family members stay involved after finding the right nursing home, making sure that the best possible care is being delivered.

When looking for the right facility for your loved one, only consider locations where you feel comfortable. The staff should be friendly, warm, and welcoming. Visit several places, and go back again if you are not sure.

Keep in mind the location and distance of the facility from you and from your loved-one’s doctor. The facility should be convenient for all relevant parties. Before stepping inside the nursing home’s building, pay attention to the grounds. Are they tended to with care? Once you enter, notice the noise level. Can you hear the public announcement system and paging? Are the halls and other public areas well-lit, kept clean, organized, and spacious? Do you notice any unpleasant odors, and are there quiet areas that can be used for visiting?

Some important questions to ask about the basic functioning of the facility are:

  • What are the visiting hours?
  • How many beds in the facility?
  • Are pets allowed either as tenants or visitors?
  • Are exterior doors kept locked?

Of course, this is just the beginning of a longer discussion on picking the best possible nursing home for your dearly loved relative.